The majority of parents are overwhelmed when their children’s exams are close. And if you have a child who is getting ready for the 11+ Exam, then you should know that you are the one who has to offer them help to successfully pass it. You may not have the needed information when it comes to this exam, because there is little information posted online about it. And let’s face it, parents take their information from the internet nowadays, because it is simple and comfortable. This article will offer you complete details about the 11 plus mock tests Harrow, and it will help your children have good marks.

The national curriculum does not cover the 11+ exam

During this exam, there can be tested four disciplines, English, maths, non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. Nonverbal reasoning, and verbal reasoning are not taught on the National Curriculum, but they are important, because they offer you and your children a clear view on the way they can solve different problems.

The pass mark changes every year

When checking for information online you may find contradictory details when it comes to the passing mark. So, you have to make sure that you talk with a professional who is able to offer you concrete information on the pass mark from your region. In addition, you have to know that the mark can be different this year from the last one, so it is crucial to know from the beginning the score your children should have on the exam. You should know that pass mark would be higher if the number of pupils who apply for the test is higher. Also, in case the pupils have lower scores, then the score will be lower.

Children can take a 12+ test

Sometimes the children do not qualify for the 11+ test, but if you consider that they are suited for that type of school, then they have the possibility to take a 12+ or late transfer test. But you have to make sure that the places from the school are not already occupied, because there are cases when you cannot find a free one. Also, you have to know that sometimes the 11+ exam does not guarantee that your children will have a school place. Make sure that you hire a tutor to help your children prepare for the test, because in this way you are sure that they will get a great score, and they have increased chances to find a school place.


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