Do you want to learn to drive in 5 days? If yes, take an intensive driving course. Intensive driving courses help you become a safe and confident driver quickly, so you can avoid the challenges of hourly lessons. They are a great way to learn. You will be able to take your driving test anywhere between 2-8 weeks. Investing in an intensive driving course in Sheffield is actually more affordable. Congratulations if you have already decided to sign up for professional lessons. You’ll not spend months  and years learning how to control a vehicle. This is what you’ll need to know before starting your lessons.

You can’t drive a car without a provisional UK driving license

In the UK, you can’t drive wherever you want without a provisional license. Unqualified drivers are required to have a provisional UK license before taking to the road. If you genuinely want to prepare for obtaining your license, apply for a provisional driving license to the DVLA. If you already hold a learner’s permit, ensure that it is still valid.

You have to pass your theory test

A driving test comprises 2 parts: theory and practice. If you have not passed your theory test prior to the beginning your education, it is impossible to sign up for an intensive driving course. You must have a good understanding of the theory and, most importantly, pass your test. Start learning the Highway Code and rules of the road right away. Unless you pass your theory test with flying colours, the in-car instruction place can’t help you. Well, not exactly. There are many in-car instruction places, like Bumpers, that make an exception. You can take driving lessons and study for your theory test. Free theory training is also included.

You can structure your driving lessons

If you want to learn at your own pace, you are lucky because you have many options. You have 8 hour courses, 10 hour courses, 12 hour courses, and the list continues. The lessons don’t run for more than 4 hours a day, so you can handle their pace. Choose whatever lessons suit your schedule or your needs.

You’ll not be sharing your car

Students fear that they have to share the car with someone else when. However, this is not the case. There will be no one else but the instructor in the vehicle, so there’s nothing to worry about. Not only will not be sharing the vehicle, but also you’ll have the same instructor for the duration of your preparation.



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