Repaint your indoor walls

Sitting inside those “four” walls inevitably makes you notice even the smallest cuffs, marks, or scuffs, which you would otherwise overlook, on the walls of your house.

So, if you feel like your home needs a breath of fresh air and could need some improvement, we highly recommend you to repaint the indoor walls. Repainting your home’s walls is an easy and extremely cost-effective way to give your house a completely new look and vibe.

If you have a pot of paint and some paintbrushes in your home, preparing for this home improvement project shouldn’t give you any headaches.  However, since most shops considered unessential are closed, it may be impossible to find paint to buy from home improvement and gardening retail stores. Yet, you can, most likely, order it online. This way, you will stay safe inside and get what you need to improve the look of your home.

Move the furniture around

Did you ever wonder how the living room would look like if you would move the sofa in the other corner of the room? Or maybe you thought about changing the purpose of a place such as moving your bedroom downstairs and moving the home office upstairs. Either way, during the lockdown, you have all the time you need to experiment with all stuff in your home. So, why not move them around to give your home a new look?

Rethink your old stuff

Perhaps, one of the biggest lessons that we people understood during this pandemic crisis is that we are causing too much damage to our planet. As people are now staying inside, all around the globe, it seems like our planet can breathe again after a very long time.

So, since you have so much free time to spend in your home, why not use it to contribute to protecting our planet even more? Not sure how? Here’s our suggestion: rethink every old thing in your home that you were thinking about throwing away. For example, if you have an old coffee table and thought about replacing it before the lockdown, maybe now you can fix it and repaint it yourself.

There are several DIY project ideas online. So, no matter what you want to recondition, there’s certainly an idea online on how to do it.

Improve your garden

If you are lucky enough to own a home and a garden, you must be very happy during the Coronavirus lockdown. So, why not make some improvements in your garden as well? From building a Støttemur to planting new trees and plants in your garden, several landscaping ideas can help you reshape your garden.

For example, you can also use Belegningsstein and Trekkekummer to create a pathway from your house’s door to the patio area in your backyard. Or, you can, once again, search for DIY ideas to see how to build furniture, décor, or even a new fence.



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