Sharing and preserving family heritage, fostering relationships between generations, increasing family interaction, creating unforgettable memories, encouraging family-bonding activities, establishing family traditions, building family unity and promoting fun for the entire family represent benefits associated with organizing and attending a family reunion. Even though such an event requires detailed planning, if you got involved in coordinating a successful road trip, a weekend full of group activities or even a backyard barbecue, then you already know the basics of planning a family gathering. Such a task can be quite intimidating in the beginning because it demands time, commitment and patience. After all, you have the mission to bring people from different cities or maybe countries in one place and make them feel good. However, it is important not to get lost in the details and follow the main steps of the planning process in order to create a memorable family reunion. You probably wonder: when and where should I start? Should I hire a professional or do it by myself?

Choose the location and time

Considering that you can ask for help from other family members, there is no need to hire a family reunion planner. The first details that require attention refer to choosing the time and location but also group activities that appeal to different generations. It does not matter the size of the family, you have to make sure that you inform others in advance about the event and start planning at least a few months in advance. If some members of the family who live in the same city or even in the same region are willing to help you, then you should assign each one of them a specific task in order to complete the process faster. After you choose the location, you have to decorate it for the event. If you do not have a generous budget, then you should visit websites like and order as many decorative products as you need without breaking the bank. After you communicate the exact date of the gathering, mark down who confirms his or her arrival so that you know exactly the number of people arriving at the chosen location, which could be your home.

Provide food and drinks

Try to envision the gathering in order to decide the main things that will happen during the event. For instance, do you intend to eat and drink before sharing memories and stories or the other way around? Speaking of food and drink, are you going to prepare everything in your own kitchen or you want to hire a catering company? The truth is that all these things cost so you should know from the start the budget in order to stick with it. Will other members of the family contribute financially to the planning of the reunion or you have to bear the expenses alone? Regardless of the situation, you have to make the family gathering as affordable as possible. The purpose is to get together and create positive relationships, not to spend money unnecessarily. However, you cannot be a cheapskate either.


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