A wedding is one of the most important events in a woman’s life. Most women dream about this day since childhood and plan all the details in order to organize the perfect event for them and their closed ones. The décor and outfits are very important things that you should take into consideration until the last detail. Speaking of that, ribbons are a beautiful alternative that can be used for many other purposes besides wrapping presents. If you want to make your wedding unforgettable and add a touch of elegance, you should read the inventive ways ribbons can be used at this type of events.

Add glamour to your wedding bouquet

The wedding bouquet is one of the most important accessories of a bride. A beautiful bouquet of flowers is even more spectacular with the help of ribbons that add glamour. You can choose a cascade of strings that give a fluid look or a ribbon-wrapped stem that looks nice and tidy. In order to find the perfect accessory check wedding ribbon for sale where you can find something that could inspire you.

A touch of elegance for the wedding dresses

You can improve your dress with ribbons. They are a friendly budget and elegant accessory that would make any dress look even more spectacular. There are many ways to incorporate a ribbon into a dress such as place it as a belt, with a big bow on the backside, or use it to tie your corset. It could give an elegant aspect to the bridesmaids’ dresses too. Moreover, if you want to go for a diaphanous look, you can make a graceful hairstyle using a ribbon.

Add ribbons to the décor

It does not matter if your wedding takes place in an outdoor or an indoor place because tapes can be used in both cases. For example, a chair decorated with a few strands of tape is a fun and inventive way to add some colour. You can also add a romantic effect to your reception by attaching pale coloured ribbons to the chandeliers or hang them to the archways.

Elegant cake decoration

Adding ribbons to your wedding cake is an ingenious yet simple way to add colour and texture to the party. You can choose pale colours like pink, peach, beige for an ethereal look, or bright colours like red, blue or purple for a bold effect. The colour of the strings can match the colours of the rest of the décor.

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations are essential when it comes to this big event. If you do not want conventional wedding invitations, choose to adorn them with a piece of refined strip for a delicate touch.



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