You might probably seen on Etsy that people sell Christmas cards this part of the year. If you want to earn some money, then this is the perfect personal project for this period of the year. In case you do not want to transform this into a business, then you can create by yourself the cards you will send to your loved ones. People appreciate when they receive a customised card, because they know that you care for them, and if you have some free time you can use it to craft the Christmas cards. You can find online all the materials you need for this project, you only have to decide upon the model of cards you prefer. Here are some tricks that will help you successfully design the cards at home.

How to avoid a catastrophe

If you want to make sure that everyone will love your cards, then you should opt for simple models and shapes. You can use stickers for occasions if you want to add a festive touch to the cards. It is advisable to use square shapes because they look better. Also, this year it is recommended to avoid overly-detailed imagery, so leave the Santa Claus images behind, and opt for some simple and fancy stickers. If you want to create unique cards them you should choose colours like gold, navy and even purple. Classy patterns are a must, and if you want to send elegant cards then add some gems and sequins on them.

Tricks to save money

It is known that sometimes making things by yourself can cost you more than if you would buy them. But if you look for materials in the right places then you will have no issues to save money. And you should keep in mind that people like personalised cards, so they will be delighted by your surprise. You can buy blank cards from an online store, and you can customise them with stickers, if you want to make sure that their shape is perfect. If you want to save money, then you have the option to cut the cards by yourself from a large white sheet. You can find the envelopes separately, and you can opt for a coloured one, if you design a white card. Also, it is advisable to work in stages and not design one card at a time. Put the stickers on the same time on all of them, and then finish their look with embellishments.


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