Spring time is coming and you are scared by the thought you will have to start cleaning up your house? You should not worry anymore, because there are pieces of advice that can help you see this task as something fun and entertaining. You may know how dangerous cleaning substances are if you do not use them right and avoiding them is quite difficult. Anyone can find stuff around their home that can be used for proper cleaning. You will only have to look for them and know how to use them. Make sure spring cleaning becomes safe, harmless and relaxing instead of all the negative traits you used to assign to it. Here are some spring cleaning tips that will help you get everything sorted out:

Changing the environment

  • Dusting away – cleaning dust from all over the house and making sure the air conditioner filter is changed and ready to go are essential parts of a healthy environment. Conducts and air ventilation needs to be cleaned up to avoid exposing the respiratory system to pollen or other allergens running through them. Under the furniture dust builds up and needs to be cleaned from time to time.
  • Meds organised – if you have a space designed for keeping meds then you have to go through it every now and then. Expired medication can harm you badly if you don’t throw it away on time. Medical errors should be avoided by checking each time the expiration date.
  • Garage and basement – when you have nothing to do with old stuff you throw it in the garage or basement. This builds up during the year and spring is the best time to solve this issue. How? Well, simply sort out whatever you’re not using anymore along with toxic products which surely expired and throw them away. If you find old furniture or vintage objects that you don’t want anymore, you can organise a garage sell.
  • Wardrobes – your wardrobe is probably full of clothing you are not wearing anymore. Sort out these and check where the nearest charity center is. Donate your clothes instead of wasting them and you will do two good things at once.
  • Bathrooms – cleaning bathrooms should be done weekly, but in the spring time, you’ll have to get deeper into action. Cleaning mould with non-toxic cleaning products will reduce the apparition of allergies.

Products you can use

You may be wondering what kind of products around your house you can use for cleaning.  Here is a list of them:

  • For windows: water, cider vinegar, alcohol with 70% concentration, orange essential oil
  • For scrubbing stains: lemon, borax, water
  • For grease: sudsy ammonia, water, essential oils
  • For deodorizing: baking soda, warm water, essential oils
  • For clothing: hot water, dishwasher detergent, chlorine bleach, aroma
  • For dishwashers: powdered cider drink, warm water
  • For brass: white vinegar, lemon juice, table salt, water
  • For marble: dishwashing liquid (is recommended not to use citrus-based dishwashing detergent), warm water


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