There are many women who love to knit. While this activity used to be associated with older women, it is making a serious comeback, as more and more young women are discovering the joys of this craft. Knitting can reduce stress, increase mindfulness and prevent cognitive disorders. Moreover, knitted items make for wonderful gifts. That being said, if your mother is an avid knitter, you should show your love for her with a thoughtful knitting gift. There are many options to choose from, and your mother will surely appreciate such a gift, as it shows that you pay attention to her hobbies.

1. An elegant yarn bowl

Yarn bowls are very useful for all people who knit and crochet. These bowls prevent the yarn from twisting and rolling around the house. It prevents tangling, and it is particularly useful for precious yarns that could get damaged on the floor. There are many options to choose from, but we advise you to choose an elegant, wooden yarn bowl. They are very durable and they can easily blend in with any interior design.

2. Expensive yarns

One of the main reasons for knitting is the possibility to make high quality yet cheap clothes. As such, most people only buy cheap yarns, most of which are made of quality fibers. However, there are some more expensive choices out there like silk or cashmere. Your mother might not be willing to invest in such yarns, but she would surely love to receive them as gifts.

3. Knitting patterns

While there are a lot of free patterns online, the best ones usually cost some money. Moreover, most moms are not exactly tech savvy, so they usually prefer to work with books and patterns that they find in craft stores. And since you can never have to many patterns, a pattern book can make for a wonderful gift for an avid knitter, especially if it features some thematic patterns, like Christmas or pop culture.

4. Personalized t-shirt

If you do a quick search online, you will find countless funny knitting quotes such as: “I’m a knitter, not a quitter”, “I have needles and i know how to use them”, or “If i’m sitting, i’m knitting”. The possibilities are endless, so find your favorite quote and put it on a t-shirt. Nowadays, any town has a shop where you can personalize t-shirts, but you can also do this project yourself. Just print the message on wax paper and then iron the paper on the shirt.


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